Whether you are a local entrepreneur, international startup or established company – we advise on strategic alignment and how to use it successfully in your digital communication. Our aim is to strike the right balance between creativity and efficient processes. What makes a message stand out in a digital world? A clear profile, strong visibility in the relevant media and an iterative approach to implementation.



We live in a digitized world. Platforms, networks, feeds and messengers offer almost unlimited possibilities – at the push of a button, everywhere. But human relationships are still our vital base. We unite opposites. Street-smart organizations. Agile thinking for medium-sized businesses. Digital concepts for the neighbourhood. Reflection as progress. We create connections – content through context.



Research project about freelance work and New Work.


Berlin Zinner featuring Mehlhose – the international Kiez-Talk.


Natalie Kravets

Business Unit Lead

Brings the brand voice into the social media world. World citizen. Passionate about languages. Mountain lover.

Hesham Walid

3D Mockup Designer, Video Editor

Content creator in YouTube and video editor. Creating 3D mockups. Loves to dive, explore new places and make content underwater.

Constanze Reinhardt


Clear. No detours. With an eye on the big picture. Finding answers to the what, why and how.

Diana Florescu

Network Partner

Managing Partner at Grai Ventures. Rainmaker with European Perspective. London – Cluj Napoca – Berlin.

Anu Kamlakar

Network Partner

Chief Happiness Officer & relationship manager. Creates win-win-win situations. Preferably tea. Connects the world.

Marianna Khalifman

Digital Marketing Trainee

Supports the content flow. International student. Communicates a lot and loves to explore new creative skills.

Oliver Plath

Webdesign, Photography

Gives shape to ideas. Coffee expert. Kreuzberger. With an eye for detail. Nighthawk. Boxer driver.

Olaf Mehlhose

Content Creative

Olaf Mehlhose is a long-time journalist and copywriter. He is an expert in digital communication and content marketing. His area of specialization is business storytelling.

“There is too much bad content out there,” Olaf says. “If you can’t tell a strong story, don’t tell any story at all.”

Daniel Zinner

Communication Expert

Daniel Zinner is an entrepreneur, global workforce consultant, and investor. Over the past 20 years as an international HR expert, he has helped companies master their transformations, advised startups on growth, and contributed to shaping the global people mobility industry. “Cultural diversity drives creativity,” Daniel says. “Collaboration is the key to innovation.”


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